DPA-10 | Dual Channel 10W Power Amplifier

DPA-10 is a dual channel 2*10W TDD RF power amplifier launched by Zencheer, its physical size is 131*110mm and its operating range is 500-1500MHz. DPA-10 supports high linear output, it's suitable for WiFi/LTE/DVB-T standard.

Key Features

  • Both Tx and Rx are supported
  • Operating Frequency Can Be Customized
  • Output Power Up to 2*10W

Product Status: Production

Operating Frequency 1.433-1.443GHz typical
(or customized)
Bandwidth 20MHz typical
(or customized)
Tx Gain 13dB typical
Output Power 40±1dBm
EVM ≤-25dB@40dBm
Rx Gain 6dB typical
Control Interface 1 MMCX
Enable Tx when high
Enable Rx when low
Switching Time<1us
Power Supply 20-27V
Physical Size 131*110*20.1mm
Operating Range Storage: 40℃~+125℃
Operation: -20℃~+65℃
Power Consumption 100W @ 77% Tx duty cycle

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