Established in March 2016, Zencheer Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based and market-oriented enterprise committed to becoming a preferred wireless product supplier for small and medium-sized customers. We provide high-quality, long-lifecycle, and easy-to-use wireless products, including WiFi modules, WiFi main boards, network processing boards, RF power amplifiers, and a variety of accessory products. Through customer customization, the company greatly enriches the product portfolio and meets diverse customer needs.

Our core team has nearly 20 years of experience in RF and high-speed digital circuits design, with unique technical means and strict quality control, we reduce the complexity, risks, and costs faced by our customers and shortens the time to market. We have become a widely recognized high-quality wireless product supplier, and our products have served various important fields. While relying on our fundamental product line, we are actively exploring new technology areas. More and more customers choose to cooperate with us. In the future, Zencheer Communication will continue to innovate and develop better wireless products, and work with customers to contribute to more and more fields!