Established in March 2016, Zencheer Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented, market-driven enterprise dedicated to becoming the preferred supplier of wireless  products for small and medium-sized customers. We provide high-quality, long-lifecycle, and user-friendly wireless products, including WiFi products, RF amplifiers, and software-defined radio products.

Our core team boasts nearly 20 years of industry experience and possesses leading capabilities in RF and high-speed digital circuit development. We have unique technical resources and rigorous quality control measures, reducing complexity, risk, and costs for our customers, while shortening time to market for their products. We have earned widespread recognition as a high-quality supplier of wireless products, serving a variety of critical applications. While maintaining a strong foundation with our core product lines, we are actively exploring new technological frontiers. More and more customers are choosing to collaborate with us. In the future, Zencheer Communication will continue to innovate, create even more outstanding wireless products, and work with customers to make contributions in an increasing number of fields.